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"[Thaler] has just published an odd and interesting professional memoir...It's odd because it's funnier and more personal than books by professors tend to be. It's interesting because it tells the story not just of Thaler's career but also of the field of behavioral economics."

                  -Michael Lewis, Bloomberg View                                           

"The economist Richard H. Thaler has written a sly and somewhat subversive history of his profession." 

-Jonathan A. Knee, New York Times

"Thaler has written what will come to be regarded as [BE's] bible. Captivating and comprehensive, it narrates the battle he has fought, and largely won, to force economists to acknowledge that human beings misbehave."

-Serena Kutchinsky, Prospect 

"Readers with even the remotest interest in how the world really works will enjoy this book"

-Kirkus Reviews

"Time after time Mr. Thaler cheerfully reports how many of his most famous papers in behavioral economics, often written with scholars across enemy lines (that is, noneconomists), were 'pure heresy' that 'got people’s blood boiling.'"

 -Carol Tavris, The Wall Street Journal  (behind paywall)      

About the author

Richard H. Thaler is a celebrated economist and co-author of the bestselling Nudge. He is a professor of behavioral science and economics at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and, in 2015, the president of the American Economic Association. He lives in Chicago.



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