Interview with Richard Thaler: Part 3 of 3


In the third and final part of their interview, Richard Thaler and Syon Bhanot delve into the replicability problem in psychology, whether behavioral economics needs to focus on "bigger problems," and close with a lightning round on topics such as the underrepresentation of women in economics, boring conferences, and which economist is the best golfer.

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A Welcome Message from Dick Thaler

Welcome to Misbehaving, the companion blog for my latest bookMisbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics. This blog is designed to continue the conversation that began on, the site John Balz edited following the publication of my book with Cass Sunstein.  Misbehaving will incorporate the themes of nudging but go well beyond that to encompass the entire field of behavioral economics—as well as the application of behavioral science to practical problems in both the pubic and private sectors.