Nudgespotting: Transportation Safety


Welcome to Nudgespotting! Every other week we'll take a quick look at some real-world nudges, with a healthy dose of commentary and behavioral references.

This week we have nudges that (hope to) encourage safety when traveling. Let's take a look:


What's Important

From reader  Matt Box

From reader Matt Box

Matt found this image in a Reddit thread, where the poster mentioned that his “brother installed a speed governor on his motorcycle.” However the “governor” isn’t the typical piece of machinery that physically restricts a vehicle’s speed. Instead, it was a picture of his daughter that reminded him to be a bit less risky.


Do Not Cross the Line - No One Else Does!

Spotted by reader  Shawn Mathew

Spotted by reader Shawn Mathew

Shawn spotted this nudge in the Delhi Metro (India). They’re using a basic principle of social influence – that people tend to do as others do – to prevent riders from getting too close to the tracks.


So Many Subway "Surfers"

The NYC Subway's campaign against "Subway Surfing"

The NYC Subway's campaign against "Subway Surfing"

This is an unfortunate example of the MTA using social influence the wrong way. By warning riders about “subway surfing,” they are not only informing those who wouldn’t have known about it in the first place, but they are also saying “It may be dangerous, but lots of people do this” (so maybe it’s not that dangerous).


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